You Are Born Yesterday


“success is result of your start,
So start when you feel to succeed”

* I am fed up with my successive failures.
* My all friends have gone ahead of me.
* My time has gone now.
* I have been later than others.
* My juniors are doing well.
* I am ashamed of me.
* What will people utter if I start now.
:- This is not a blog or an article. This is the anguish & pain of a boy who broke down badly due to his successive failures & went into abnormal state, we can consider him a victim of nervousness & dissidence.
He got unable to do anything due to above mentioned factors.
These are not factors but hurdles & obstacles which don’t let anyone move forward, I suppose these are “Cause Factors” & these are not related to one or two people but almost to everyone. We all face this hazardous situation once in a life when we think to “Give Up” or “Quit” . I hope we all are very well aware of this pain …pain of failure.
I have a very inspirational real story & I am going to share this real incident with all of you because I got much inspiration & want that you will also learn from this story & be a Go Getter……..
“I have many Friends & all are very talented, some of them have been settled down while some are trying to be settled, among these friend one is very outstanding & unbeatable, you must be thinking that I am admiring him no actually he deserves for all my best wishes.
Ok no round up I straightly come to the story, ok.
He was very brilliant & digillent at study, he got his B.Tech. Engineering through a reputed university. He had many ambition or he was very ambitious, he prepared for M.Tech & prepared for other competitive exams but he couldn’t give sufficient time for govt. Exams & couldn’t be able to crack even single exam, this way he turned to 25 & he opened his coaching & began to do big in the field of education, we can say he replaced his previous ambition by new ambition but somewhere he had a burning desire taking govt. Jobs but he thought that it’s been much time for that & it has gone out of my approach so he gave it….
His family members want him to prepare for competitive exam but he was very nervous & he doubted his chances of success….
I have remember the day when his elder brother came to hum & I was sitting beside him, his brother delivered a very inspirational speech which filled both of us with a new energy to cross the all boundaries which were very long before it.
His brother sensed his mental status & made him understand, he was on fire with motivational words, words which I included in today’s blog.
His brother said ” don’t think about people & world, why do you think, do people think about you?? No they don’t, why do you think that your juniors are doing well, of course they are doing well but not for you, why do you feel that you have got aged, yeah you been 26 years old, so what!! Will you leave having food when you will turn to 50…
Yes or No, No you will not, this is the biggest problem that nobody is happy with life but nobody wants to die…
Brother you are just 25 year’s old, why do you want to spoil your upcoming 50 years due to today’s failure, ok you are late but success doesn’t depend on your age…it depends on your attempts & efforts & your courage to acquire success…
My dear, now stop thinking about your age & time, just think that you are born yesterday & this is your beginning, just think you have completed your schooling & you are now going to attempt for your dreams”, ” you are never late but you need to wake up at time”………….

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