1.Success isn’t matter of one or two attempts,
It’s matter of one more attempt after each failure.

2.Everyone is born for something,
This something is everything for everyone,
Now we have to find this something & nothing..

3.I have seen many people cursing their fate,
I can’t understand, whom do they curse?
While their fate is in their own hand…

4.Never be satisfied with your performance,
If you be satisfied once, you stop to make efforts.

5.A successful person has four things,
Name, Fame, Money & Satisfaction.

6.Don’t put off your work for tomorrow,
There is no belief of tomorrow….

7.Two things for being happy,
Achieve what you like
Like what you have.

8.Thoughts are not merely thinking,
These are innovative ideas,
Which can change your thinking.

9.The best way to succeed in the life is to act upon the advice which we give others.

  1. Our greatest glory isn’t in never failing but in rising up every time we fail.

11.Never get disappointed if something goes wrong,
Just have patience & wait to be happened good.

12.It’s not necessary that every question must be answered by words,
There are some such questions which are answered by your performance.

13.Critiques are alike mirror,
They find all such defects,
Which distort our image.

14.Always remain with one person who motivates you,
Instead of hundreds who console you.

15.It’s true that iron breaks with last hit of hammer,
But believe, first also doesn’t go waste.

16.This world is consisted by two types of persons,
One thinks, what has to do? While die one day,
Second thinks, something has to do before die one day..

17.If you want to be champion,
Then be ready for falling, raising & winning….

  1. Small steps cover a long distance,
    So keep walking you are next to your destination….
  2. Risk means:
    To challenge the difficulties & snatch the chances from bad luck…

20. No matter what do people speak about you?
Good or bad,
But, it’s great matter that they atleast speak about you.

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  1. I will make this, I already have eveinthryg I need! Thank you for the easy recipe, I've been making the Artisan Bread in 5 Mins a Day for a couple years now but they aren't a sandwich type bread. I'm also forwarding this to my son, he makes bread every once in a while too!

    1. Nandkishor Lodhi

      It’s your gratitude…
      I am young motivational Author..
      I feel motivation is my power & an unprecedented opportunity to touch the life of people who are marked as common..
      I suggest you to read my biography & my journey.

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