Living Corpse

If you are not making your life worthwhile,

You are just carrying the burden of Bones & Muscles,

Don’t be dead when you are alive,

Enjoy the best journey & be alive”.

: – When I get up at morning, I see my whole day’s schedule, oh my god how hectic is my life!

I have to get fresh, prepare breakfast, go to office, complete my previous backlogs in the office.

When I come back to my home, I feel much tired yet I cook and this way my day is converted into evening & evening into night, I don’t have time to think, I feel strange because my life is moving so fast & I have to achieve my set goals, I am much ambitious person, that’s why sometime I get irritated because I am not getting enough time to work on my dreams and goals.

This is my life and small example, this is truth of the time, we are chasing our dreams & running towards goals, we are working harder because we have wish to make our life peaceful & prosperous.

This is very good that we are working harder today to make our life happier then yesterday & we are looking at tomorrow, a tomorrow that will bring results for our today’s hardworking, nice, very nice.

I appreciate people who have big goals and feel very happy to see that they are working to get their goals but it’s heartbreaking when I see any person as a failure while he had worked very hard.

I analyzed this thing and thought a lot & finally a reached at a satisfactory conclusion and hope you will also be agree with my analysis. Please go through my analysis and judge it according your ways.

: Being an ambitious is not bad because I think without ambitions life is blank so we all have some ambitions. Everybody has some ambitions, some goals, some targets, and dreams but how many people do succeed??? Sorry I am unable to enumerate since numbers are unending, so stop it and move on.

People do set their goals & work also hard but not succeed, why, what is the reason??

As far as I think, we set goals but honestly say we don’t fulfil criterion which is essential for being successful. actually, we want to rush towards goals and this way we go away.

I mean we just want to achieve goals hook or crook and while moving towards goal we get careless towards ourselves, just think if we don’t handle ourselves properly then how can we achieve desired goals, if we are not happy with ourselves then how can we think to get targets successfully and if we are not focused then how can we attempt for our aims??? Think think & think…………………

Great scholars have prescribed following elements for being successful: –

  • Think
  • Plan
  • Focus
  • Practice
  • Attempt
  • Re-Attempt

Now I come to the point, as above mentioned, if we want to be successful then we need to undergo an operative mode or process and we need to be concentrated during this whole process.

Friends before undergoing this process we need to prepare ourselves for this not jump into it directly.

  • First, we should think with cool mind about our goal.
  • We need to plan about what we are going to do.
  • Work needs 100% so be focused.
  • Practice makes a man perfect, so practice & practice.
  • Attempts make your goals achievable.
  • Attempt after each failure until you succeed.

Yes, all is possible if all is well, all will be well if you are well, I mean you can begin and succeed also but you need to be patient & energetic.

Energy is first & last requirement for discovering this distance, distance of goals, distance of dreams & distance of ambitions and most important you need to stay happy and positive.

Hardworking is great & we must work hard but friends don’t forget to energize yourself, refresh yourself and enjoy this journey otherwise you will repent at last.

Keep it in mind, big goals require big work & for performing big works you should be energetic & peppy. So stay alive, stay awake & stay happy.

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