“He Was Very Poor & A Servent in His Childhood, He Was Un-Educated But Due To His “Passion” & “Dadication”, He is Inspirational-Icon,He is Real Gem of the Country”,He is India’s First Sand Artist, Who Made His Own Way Through All Difficulties”.

“He grew up in a very poor household in Puri. His Father left his family when he was very young. His two brothers & he survived hardly, he thanks his grand mother who earned a modest pension & it was almost impossible for her to sustain an entire family. When he turned 7, he started working as a domestic Helper in a nearby house, so that his family could feed itself”

As a child, he was always interested in drwaing. his fascination grw as he saw kids in his neighbours’ home draw rivers andmountains in their books. He wished he could draw the way they did. But he didn’t have money to buy a pencil or drawing book. So, whenever he got time from work, he went to a nearby beach and drew in the sand with sticks and stones. Eventually, like every child, he started building small castles and temples in the sand.

He improved over the next five years. Tourists who visited the beach began to praise his work. So, he decided to pursue sand art sincerely and stopped working as a child laborer. He was earning enough anyway, and he figured he’d rather do something for which he was at least appreciated.

However, making of it was a challange. Initially people made fun of his and said him “scluptures had no value because they aren’t permanent. They will either be blow away by the wind or get crushed by the waves” But he thought to himself that if life isn’t permanent either. Does that mean we should stop living? So, he persisted.

But after a while he realized that it was not enough to just create a beautiful scultures. With enough practice, anybody in the world can make a great sculpture or paint a beautiful painting. But a true artist should spread a message of his work. So, he consciously decided to make scluptures based on issues that we face as a society, and on current topics.

Incidentally,that’s when people started showiring him with their love. It was so hearting and that love that people throw his way every day is

what he cherish most. he had never imagined he’d recive so much respect.

He want this to be massage to all youngesters who are struggling because of lack of money oreducation. He urge them to not lose hope. “If someone like me, who didn’t have any education at all , can be honoured with a Doctorate or a Padma Shri, then anyone can!A Degree doesn’t determine your future, just believe in your potential and talent, and you will make yourself proud one day!”.

He is Non other than “Sudarshan-PatnaikIndia’s First Sand Artist!!

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