“It’s not sadful that we set high goals & failed to achieve them,
But it’s really very sadful that we set easy goals & achieved them easily”.

:- Yes, it quite right & well proven, really life is meaningless without goal..
To born & to die are not sufficient for life but to have goals before die is worthwhile for life.
“A student want to be doctor or engineer, he opts subject as per his goal..
A player opts one game in which he things good & that is his goal,
A new entrepreneur has some goals for his new starts up…
I just want to say that goals varies people to people & profession to profession…
All people can’t have some goals & it should not be so otherwise world will be monotonous & colourless…
Goals are like path wich leads us to our particular destination….it means goals decide our new address where people will find you…….
Most people say that goal should be big, I haven’t understood their ideology with this term “big” or “small” regarding goals….
Friends I clrearify today, “goals are goals”.
There is nothing like “big” & “small”…
Apart from this matter I just give emphasis on “Setting Goals”..
Swami Vivekanand said :-
“When you set your goals, you get half of success”…
It means only setting up goal makes you semi-succesfull & we can hope that half is not so far away…….
“Friends, when you set your goal, it may appear small to world but when you keep on working automatically it will be larger than world”….
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