Fear but no Phobia

“You can’t win the race,

Until you dare to run” ……

: Who says that “he is fearless”, who says “he is bold”, Who says “he is daring” ……

Who utters these words, he is absolutely wrong else he is speaking lie

I don’t agree with such people and their words, nobody is here who doesn’t fear,

Everyone has some fear but terms & conditions may be different.

  • A baby child has fear of falling when he learns to step out…….
  • A child has fear of beating for mistakes If he makes………
  • A student has fear of failure in exams….
  • A player has fear of losing game…….
  • A business man has fear of loss………

Did you notice types of fear? There are such many more types of fear, we can’t count all these so we shouldn’t try.

Fear goes different according people & profession, somewhere circumstance & situation also affect it.

Now we conclude here, “fear” is not limited to any person, thing, or situation…….

According me, “Fear” is not bad, it is good because it teaches us to remain alert,

Yes, it’s like an alarm, which wakes us up timely, “wake up, it’s not time to sleep, if you keep on sleeping, you will lag behind in the race of life” …………Just like this.

over all, it’s not bad, if you say I have fear for anything or about anything, it doesn’t mean that you are “Coward”.

It reflects that you don’t want to lose something or you don’t want to be defeated.

“Fear isn’t bad but “Phobia” is really very harmful…………….

“Fear” doesn’t hamper your ways but “phobia” doesn’t let you go…………

What is the exactly meaning of “phobia”?

Let’s understand it first and know how does it block our ways?

“Swimming is not a game but a war with water”, in this war many people have lost their life…………………

I know a renowned swimmer who lost his life, but it doesn’t always happen, please don’t take me otherwise, I don’t mean to say that swimming is very risky, no, not that. Swimming is the matter of dare & practice,

As much as you practice as much as you be a good swimmer, it’s all depend on you how you take it…

“Parents always expect their child to perform terrifically, obviously, they should, but they should not force them without judging child’s mental status, his fear & phobia about anything, if child has fear then they can assist him with their experience and if child has phobia then they should take him carefully, it’s good for both.

I have a unique story to differentiate fear & Phobia…………please read it attentively…………

A boy’s parents had dream to make their child the best swimmer because his parents were athletic lovers & swimming was their one of the favorites.

When boy was 5th years old, his father started to train & Coach him, but boy was very afraid of the water, his father tried his best but his hands remained empty, that time he thought the child is in little phase and need some time, time went on moving with speed & child turned 10th years but still he was very afraid of water, his father did made each possible attempts but results were null & void, his father was very disappointed despite his best attempts, he began to thought that he child was timid & Coward, he started to bad mouth to him & boy went to deep depression, boy felt himself as an idle & good for nothing. His father didn’t try to know behind the exact reason his fear and he kept on upbraiding him. Boy grew as failure & with a stigma of timid. He was broken badly & emotionally. One day he decided to erase this stigma & he went on bridge & jumped into river, he opened his eyes in a hospital where he was taken by divers who had saved his life, his parents were standing beside his bed, his father was repenting over his blunder which he had made unknowingly. His father was fondling him and boy was also shedding tears, it was an emotional moment for them & father has realized his mistake.

Doctors told his father “you really did very wrong with your son without knowing his phobia and you began to upbraid him & he took this hazardous step of suicide, you must had known that your child is not timid but he is unwanted victim of water phobia”. Anyone can be victim of phobia, a phobia victim needs love & care, phobia can be won with love & proper attention but without proper treatment of phobia, victim always remain in a dangerous state & it may cause dangerous results like suicide & many such like. there is world of difference between phobia & fear, fear can be won easily but phobia is hard nut to crack.

So, friends, don’t let your fear turn into phobia, start & keep practicing, you will overcome your fear one day……Do your best & get what you deserve.

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  1. Thanks for the info on this place, been thinking about it but not anymore. As I wrote in your last mexican post it would be interesting to see you try Azteca. I have still to find better Mexican here in Prague. (Definitely not an expert but st..oil)Gold luck and keep on the frequent posting.

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